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Infographic - Plants do that where we learn

Plants Do That . . . Inside

“When plants are around, students are just smarter and pay more attention,” says Dr. Charles Hall, Ellison Chair, Texas A&M. This information …

Roses in Bloom

Time to Prune Roses

When the forsythia’s start to bloom it is time to prune roses. Learn how from Minda Daughtry, Lee County …

Screenshot Garden Calendar Page

Garden Calendars

Checkout the NC State Vegetable Planting Calendars and Garden Maintenance Calendars linked from the the Gardening …

Crimson Clover fall cover crop

Fall Garden Chores

For many backyard gardeners, fall signals the wrap up of the gardening season. Maybe there are a few tomato …

The Morris Heading collard

Brassicas: All in the Family

Brassica is a genus of plants, primarily annuals but some perennials, in the mustard family. Remember taxonomy from high …

Lettuce harvested in December.

Lettuce Make a Plan for Fall

Whether I’m buying a bag of mixed lettuce in the grocery store or sitting down to a salad in …

Cover photo for Pest Management Workshop

Pest Management Workshop

When: Monday, May 8th from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Where: Ag Services Center, 123 Caroline St. in Rockingham Please Register: …

Cover photo for Timing Is Everything With Weeds

Timing Is Everything With Weeds

Several farmers have gotten proactive in pasture and hay management this year. They have been scouting their fields, bringing …

Cover photo for 2017: Pledge to Plant Natives

2017: Pledge to Plant Natives

What determines your landscape plant choices? Are you a flower person, or do you seek out plants with a …

Recent Publications related to Lawn & Garden

3-compartment compost bin

2. Composting

This Composting Chapter from the Extension Gardener Handbook will explain the benefits of and strategies …

9 hours ago

Vermicomposting: A 5th Grade School Enrichment Curriculum

This publication offers 5 lessons for a school curriculum on the importance of vermicomposting, setting …

9 hours ago

Controlling Mite Pests in Earthworm Beds

This publication discusses keeping mite pests at bay in worm beds for vermicomposting.

9 hours ago
Figure 4. Formica subsericea.

Formica Ants in the Landscape

This Entomology Insect Note describes the biology and control of formica ants, an insect pest …

Figure 1. Spreading granular ant bait.

Tips for Effective Ant Baiting

This Entomology Insect Note offers tips for baiting ants in an around homes.

4 days agoHousehold Pests
Phytophthora shoot blight on annual vinca

Phytophthora Blight and Root Rot on Annuals and Herbaceous Perennials

Identification and management of Phytophthora in annuals and herbaceous perennials in greenhouses and in the …

Vertebrate Pest Control

This publication, part of the 2017 Southeastern US Pest Control Guide for Nursery Crops and …

6 days ago

Pesticide Use and Safety Information

This publication, part of the 2017 Southeastern US Pest Control Guide for Nursery Crops and …

6 days ago