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Holiday Horticulture

As the holiday season officially begins, it is interesting how many horticulture-based traditions there are during this time, which …

Photo of Paige BurnsPaige BurnsExtension Agent, Agriculture - Horticulture

Guide To Food Gifts

Food often represents more than nourishment. It can be a way to share traditions, affection, and create a sense …

Leave the Leaves

At last autumn has arrived, after what seems like an interminable summer. Leaves are beginning to change and will …

Photo of Paige BurnsPaige BurnsExtension Agent, Agriculture - Horticulture

Recent Publications related to Agriculture & Food

2017 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual

This manual, updated every year, covers pesticide use and safety information, chemical application equipment, fertilizer …

Disease Control

This publication covers disease control in a variety of crops.

Plant Growth Regulators

This publication explains plant growth regulators for a variety of crops.

Chemical Weed Control

This publication covers chemical weed control and weed response to a variety of crops.

Insect and Disease Control of Fruits

This publication covers insect and disease control in apples, blueberries, caneberries, grapes, peaches, pecans and …

Insect Control

This publication covers insect control in a variety of crops, as well as household pests.

Fertilizer Use

This publication offers fertilizer suggestions for a variety of crops, including field, pasture and hay …

Offsetting Drought for Small-Scale Vegetable Production in North Carolina

A good source of water is a necessity for producing quality vegetables. During periods of …

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