Our Commitment to Diversity

The North Carolina Cooperative Extension System values diversity as a rich attribute that allows our organization to fulfill its educational mission in North Carolina. Diversity is reflected in the core differences of all human beings and is valued among employees, clientele, and educational partners. These differences are the basis for our values, attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions that allow us to develop human roadmaps for the good of our world. We continue to welcome and acknowledge the positive impact related to differences in age, culture, class, ethnicity, gender, physical and mental abilities, race, sexual orientation, political beliefs, marital or family status, spiritual practice, and all dimensions of human diversity. Come join us in our continued diversity journey!

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North Carolina College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Diversity Council

Dr. Fletcher Barber
Associate Administrator
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Program
NC A&T State University

Dr. Joe Zublena
Associate Dean, CALS and
Director, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
NC State University

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